Spoon is a web-based computing platform that lets you
use your software and files from any desktop.

No more installs. Use your software and files anywhere.

Install software once onto your Spoon.net web-based desktop and run from any computer.

Files and settings automatically synchronize across all of your devices. No more emailing or copying documents.

Spoon's patented virtualization technology allows access to local files and printers from web-based applications. Spoon works through a small browser plugin, with no administrative privileges or drivers required.

Work together.

Spoon Teams provide a one-stop portal for all of your organization's essential business applications and files.

Easily share documents and collaborate with teammates using your existing desktop software.

Centralized management, automated backup, and generous online storage make administration a breeze.

Play in the sandbox.

Safely test new software and updates in an isolated virtual environment, or roll out new application versions alongside existing ones.

Continue to run legacy software, web applications, and browsers when migrating to new operating systems such as Windows 8 with Browser Emulation.

And should disaster strike, instantly recover files, rollback to previous versions, or reset application state with Sandbox Reset.

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Your place or mine.

Use Spoon.net from any web browser or directly from your desktop.

Press Alt + Win to display Spoon Start for instant, searchable access to all your work. Share desktop icons across PCs with Desktop Mirroring. Or launch Spoon.net applications and files directly from the Windows Explorer.

Easily access and share files from any web-enabled device using the browser-based interface.

Ready for business.

Spoon is ideal for professionals who work from multiple desktops, small businesses and teams requiring collaboration and sharing, and larger enterprises with distributed and remote workforces or Bring Your Own Desktop (BYOD) programs.

Spoon is available as either a fully hosted service or on-premise solution with Spoon Enterprise . Virtualize custom business applications with Spoon Studio .

Need more help? Integrate Spoon into your infrastructure with the help of a Spoon Partner .

How much does Spoon cost?

Spoon.net provides a FREE desktop with support for up to 5 applications and 5GB storage.

Upgrade to a PERSONAL or PRO plan for unlimited applications and up to 200GB of storage, as well as advanced capabilities such as Browser Emulation, Administrator Emulation, and Sandbox Reset.

Teams and businesses requiring centralized billing can purchase TEAM plans starting at 5 users.

On-premise solutions for enterprises are also available. Contact us or visit the Spoon Enterprise home for more information.

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Spoon is free to try.