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Browser Emulation

Allows multiple versions of major web browsers to be run simultaneously in a single desktop environment by isolating browser resources and simulating operating system behavior.

Ideal for browser compatibility testing; accessing web applications requiring legacy browsers following OS upgrades.

Administrator Emulation

Allows many applications requiring administrative privileges to run using an unprivileged user account by simulating privileged system resources within the user space.

Ideal for using applications on locked-down desktops; increasing security by restricting users while preserving application access.

Browser Customization

Allows you to save custom browsers built in Browser Studio to your Spoon account.

Ideal for browser compatibility testing; accessing web applications requiring legacy browsers or runtimes following OS upgrades; pre-configuring browsers for enterprise deployment.

Sandbox Reset

Allows virtual machine state to be restored to an initial condition by resetting the application's data sandbox.

Ideal for testing applications during development; recovering from catastrophic application errors.

Team Management

Allows a team administrator to create a team portal and manage privileges and payments for multiple users.

Ideal for small businesses with multiple Spoon.net users; large organizations requiring hosted access to applications and files.

Enterprise and Developer Products

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Spoon Enterprise Server

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