Virtualize Your Applications with Spoon Studio

Run your applications with no installs, dependencies, or conflicts. Deploy in standalone EXEs, with Spoon Server, or on

    • #1 in Compatibility

      Spoon is the only virtualization engine in its class to support virtualization of both 32- and 64-bit applications; system services and databases such as SQL Server; and advanced software technologies such as DCOM and SxS.

    • Fully User-Mode Virtual Machine

      Fully user-mode implementation eliminates the need for device drivers, reboots, and administrative privileges. Deployment models include standalone EXE, MSI package, and HTTP-based delivery via the Spoon browser plugin.

    • Run Legacy Applications on Windows 8

      Spoon allows legacy applications such as Internet Explorer 6 to run properly on Windows 7 and 8, reducing the costs and risks associated with operating system rollouts and assuring business continuity.

    • Multi-Platform Capabilities

      Platform merge allows virtual application behavior to be customized on a per-operating system basis while distributing a single, universal executable. The Spoon virtualization engine automatically resolves incompatibilities between multiple operating system variants.

    • Advanced Sandbox Isolation Management

      Dynamic isolation management allows applications to run both in complete isolation or in shared virtual environments. Sandbox sharing enables data and settings to be shared between related applications.

    • Unprecedented Performance

      Spoon virtualization executes applications at nearly the same speed as native binaries. No host operating system is required, dramatically reducing payload size and providing dramatically superior performance relative to hardware-level virtualization.

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If you are within an active maintenance period, login and go to your Account page to access the Spoon Studio download and license certificate. Otherwise, contact us to renew maintenance and access the updated download and license certificate.

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